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Crewel embroidery pillow

This crewel pillow was made by my great-grandmother. The dominant colors are shades of pink and green, plus brown. There are spots of yellow acting as an accent color. It’s an effective color scheme. The satin stitching is really pretty … Continue reading

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Plas Teg Bellpull Flowers

There’s another blue flower on the bellpull, and I decided to replace the long-and-short filling with Castelo Branco stitch on this flower too. Then I replaced long-and-short stitch filling for this leaf with split stitch. I like the texture. It … Continue reading

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Castelo Branco Bird

I’m starting a new project! (post with an overview of Castelo Branco embroidery). I am working this bird design from the Castelo Branco magazine Méri sent, using the Portuguese silk and rayons she sent (previous post on the lovely gifts … Continue reading

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This post is slightly off topic for an embroidery blog, but I found it interesting so y’all will be learning about tapestries today. My mother did an internship many years ago (full-time, for a total of a year and a … Continue reading

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Continuing work on the crewel bellpull

This bellpull is just gorgeous. It’s really coming along. Here’s a closeup of the area I was discussing in the last post on the bellpull (I’ve added some leaves in fly stitch, and finished one of the cluster flowers): I … Continue reading

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Candlewicking pillow

My grandma made this candlewicking pillow about 25 years ago. It’s a little hard to photograph since candlewicking is traditionally white-on-white, but the closeup photo is a little easier to see. The design shows a girl holding a bouquet. The … Continue reading

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