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Book review: The Art of the Needle

This is a review of The Art of the Needle: Designing in Fabric and Thread by Jan Beaney. Pantheon Books, New York, 1988. ISBN 0-394-57303-X. The book is an introduction to design for embroidery. It’s written in a friendly and … Continue reading

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Embroidery of Kashmir I

Today I introduce another style of Indian embroidery, from Kashmir! This piece is also from Dr. Shirazi’s personal collection. Here is a closer view of one of the corners. The designs are amazingly intricate but use very simple stitches. An … Continue reading

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Flower petals in Japanese darning stitch

I settled on Japanese darning stitch for the light blue airy petals of these flowers. I’d never tried this stitch before, but I love the effect. It’s easy and quick. I have no idea if it’s actually Japanese or not … Continue reading

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Punto Antico vs Hardanger

Erica asked if I was sure the piece shown in Hardanger Inspiration was hardanger and not Punto Antico. I thought I’d reply in a post since my answer was getting a little long and perhaps others would be interested too. … Continue reading

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Hardanger Inspiration

I ran across a blog, Coffeebean’s Dailies, with some amazingly beautiful hardanger photos and I wanted to share with y’all (yes, I asked for permission). Here is the photo of the entire piece: Isn’t it incredible? I think I should … Continue reading

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Chikankari of Uttar Pradesh

Chikan work, or chikankari, is an Indian form of shadow work. This example from Dr. Shirazi’s collection is worked in white thread on pale pink fabric. It’s incredibly detailed for such a large piece – it covers the table in … Continue reading

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Long and short stitch explanation

This post provides a rather long answer to my lovely reader Wendy’s question from the last post. Here is the photo of the petal from a distance. Here is the petal next to a ruler. The ruler is in inches, … Continue reading

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Continuing the Jacobean bellpull

There’s only a little bit of progress to report on the Plas Teg bellpull from the Mary Jane Collection (see project page for previous posts). The purple is double running stitch – I was inspired by my Turkish embroidery book … Continue reading

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Kantha Hair Barrette

This weekend I thought I’d try decorating myself with embroidery. Here is my kantha embroidery hair barrette: It’s metallic gold thread on black cotton sateen so it’s actually fairly shiny, though that’s hard to photograph. Even harder is photographing the … Continue reading

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Cypress tree in Iranian embroidery

This embroidery (from Dr. Shirazi’s collection) is Iranian. Note the vibrant colors. (Update: this is called “pateh” embroidery). I believe this depicts a cypress tree, which is a very important motif in Iranian culture. The word for cypress is “sarv” … Continue reading

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