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1895 Wedding Handkerchief

All the news this morning seems to be obsessed with the British Royal wedding, so I’m going to continue the theme with photos of my great-great grandmother’s 1895 wedding handkerchief. Isn’t it incredible?

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Saudi Arabian Bisht

This post is brought to you entirely thanks to a friend of mine. It would be completely impossible otherwise, since Google Translate is really terrible at Arabic. I don’t speak Arabic, or know much about Saudi Arabia, but my Expert … Continue reading

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Little Mouse Finished

Well, folks, I finished the April mouse kit! Here it is, all framed up: And here’s a closeup photo of the finished mouse:

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Plas Teg Bellpull Kit!

OK, I gave in to temptation and started it (original post describing the kit). Two strands of floss with crewel stitching covers so much more ground than one strand of silk in satin, so I feel like I’m making progress. … Continue reading

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Blackwork and Color Theory

Kathy at The Unbroken Thread recently completed an absolutely beautiful blackwork piece. The first photo is the finished piece. The second photo is missing some of the border, but it is at less of an angle so you can see … Continue reading

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Color Contrast

One of the most important elements in design is contrast. Contrast makes design elements stand out, and draws the eye to important parts of your design. I’m just talking about color contrast today (there’s other kinds of contrast too! for … Continue reading

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Progress on the Little Mouse

The little mouse from Woodland Threads is almost done! Only tiny details are left. The flower is missing stamens, the green seedpod is supposed to have some light green details, a short section of stem is missing, the mouse needs … Continue reading

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Progress on the Chinese embroidery

I’ve been working on the Chinese silk embroidery kit (my post introducing it) from Elite Silk Arts. It’s really looking gorgeous! But you know, embroidering with a single silk strand takes a whole lot of stitches to cover an area. … Continue reading

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History of Colcha embroidery

Monique worked as the sound recording archivist of the John Donald Robb Archives of Southwestern Music at the Center for Southwest Research. She sent me more information on the history of colcha, and here is an edited version of her … Continue reading

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Monique’s Colcha Embroideries

I had a colcha expert write in! Hurray!!!! Today I’ll show two examples of Monique’s work. Next week I’ll follow up with information she gave me on the history of colcha embroidery. You can check the colcha embroidery section of … Continue reading

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