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Embroidery of Kashmir III

Here is another embroidered shawl from Kashmir from Dr. Shirazi’s collection. This one is for a man – unlike the shawl I showed before (Embroidery of Kashmir I, Embroidery of Kashmir II), it has no central motif. The border is … Continue reading

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The Big Green: History of a Project

I’ve asked my mother (Laura) to do a series of guest posts about her embroidery. Today she presents some of the history of The Big Green and some work-in-progress photos. Follow up posts will show further progress on the work. … Continue reading

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Lots of flowers

It’s all flowers in today’s update on the bellpull from the Mary Jane Collection. My blue flower is filling in and I love, love, love my yellow french knots. And look, farther up on the vine I’ve made progress on … Continue reading

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Update: Trish Burr Wild Rose

I worked two more leaves trying to incorporate y’alls suggestions and hints from the introductory post on this needlepainted flower (it’s also now listed on my Projects page). As you can see in the close up photo of my new … Continue reading

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Egyptian Cross-Stitch

Something exciting came in the mail yesterday! My friend moved to Egypt in July, and has been having all kinds of adventures in Cairo. She knows about my blog, so she sent me a present! The tag says it’s from … Continue reading

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Plas Teg Bellpull Part Ten Trillion

Y’all, I lost count of the number of posts I’ve done on this project. Behold the update photo! I finished the last berry on the left side with purple at the top for variety. I might add some horizontal laid … Continue reading

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Iranian Pateh Embroidery

Today I present another example of pateh embroidery from Dr. Shirazi’s collection. I believe pateh is from the Kerman province of Iran. Here are some details of the stitching. I love the way the background fabric is allowed to show … Continue reading

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Progress on my chrysanthemum

You know, I don’t think I really understood before just how many petals a chrysanthemum has! I’m still working on outlining the petals. It’s definitely coming along, though. The end is nigh. (That really doesn’t sound as positive as I … Continue reading

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Trish Burr Needlepainted Flower

Y’all, I got the new beginning needle-painting book by Trish Burr! I started my first project this weekend – it’s not the simplest or smallest project in the book by a long shot, but I liked it. I want to … Continue reading

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Chain stitched suzani

Y’all, here is a suzani from Tajikistan worked entirely in chain stitch. I believe they used a tambour hook, which I introduced yesterday through French and Indian embroidery. It’s a worldwide technique! Thanks again to Dr. Shirazi for so generously … Continue reading

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