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Virginia Visit

Y’all, I had a lovely time visiting the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition. I won an Honorable Mention! Hurray! (I looked over the winners – really lovely stitching. Mine is also lovely but you can tell in a few spots that I … Continue reading

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May Mouse: Maypole

Here is the maypole so far. It’s padded for a raised effect (I haven’t quite reached the top yet). I’ve gotta run – I’m visiting the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition this weekend and I have packing to do! See you later!

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May Mouse: Head

I’m working the mouse head from the back towards the nose, so that the stitches lie on top of each other like fur does. I use short little stitches because mice have short little hair. I used longer stitches for … Continue reading

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Rooster: More Feathers

I’ve been working away on the feathers. Maybe the upper layer of feathers could have a vertical pattern, as if they are drooping. I’m afraid the PhD dissertation takes priority, so I’ve got limited time for embroidery and posting.

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Rooster: Feather Experiment

I tried a couple of experimental feathers (on the right) before finding an arrangement I liked: solid outline on one side with horizontal lines filling it in, which creates stylized feather shapes. This covers the same blocks that the cross-stitching … Continue reading

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