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Dragon: Wind

I started covering the couched lines with blue twisted silk. Between the double strands, the twisting, and the underlayer, the lines pop off the fabric. I also started a new Dick Francis novel: Driving Force. Our hero has a fleet … Continue reading

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Dragon Scales: Part 4

  Another dragon segment done! I took two photos to show how the light changes with different angles. These scales were stitched to the audiobook Banker, by Dick Francis. Anyone else a fan of Dick Francis? It sure makes stitching … Continue reading

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Dragon: Front segment complete

There it is! The whole front section of the dragon is done! Well, except for the pupils of the eyes. I’d better get on that before I forget entirely. I took another closeup of the head because the whiskers are … Continue reading

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Dragon belly and swords

Progress report: I picked out gold silks for the belly instead of suggested candy-can striping. I think it’s a good compromise between not out-sparkling the horns while still standing out against the scales. I worked up another patch of waves. … Continue reading

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Summer Seashells II

Today is part 2 of guest posting from my mom, Laura, about her new original work Summer Seashells!!! Finito, finished and done. This project occupied the major portion of time for a couple of years.  I did a majority of the … Continue reading

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Summer Seashells I

Today I am excited to present a guest post from my mom, Laura, about her creative process for her original piece, Summer Seashells. Next week, y’all will get to see the finished piece! I love the beach, I adore long sandy … Continue reading

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Dragon fire

Remember how I twisted up special extra-thick textured threads for the dragon flames? Here they are! These are near the limit of stitchable threads though. I had to take very short lengths at a time or the thread started unravelling … Continue reading

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