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Xiang Silk Embroidery

OK, I swear the number of embroidery projects I’m working on simultaneously is not exponentially increasing. Really. This blog is definitely not helping though – I keep finding more things to try out. Regardless, I wanted to mention a wonderful … Continue reading

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Hair embroidery

Today I thought I’d write about a New Zealand artist, Liyen Chong, who embroiders with hair. Her work is amazing; you should check out the rest of it at her website. The hair produces some interesting textures. (I initially saw … Continue reading

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Turkish-esque embroidery

Ever since I ran across this etsy shop by chance, I’ve been dying to learn more about Turkish embroidery. The work there is really beautiful (shockingly expensive, too). So I’ve been desperately ransacking the internet looking for information. I still … Continue reading

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Embroidered color wheel

Good morning, y’all! Today I have another post about color to round out the week. I have a special guest poster, my Expert Artist Consultant, who embroidered the color wheel below and wrote most of the post. The color wheel … Continue reading

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Color Quiz!

I have a fun color quiz for everyone today. It tests how well you recognize different hues – it gives you a line-up and you have to organize the colors in order from one end to the other. It’s surprisingly … Continue reading

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Brown Is A Color

Y’all, I’ve been reading essays on color theory and thinking about color in embroidery design. And I noticed that there’s a missing piece in nearly all the online discussions I could find. Such a big hole, in fact, that I … Continue reading

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Godzilla versus Mouse

Godzilla: This is my entry for the Crochet Wall Hangings division in a state fair some years ago. I got a blue ribbon for it! I designed it myself – with a few tips from my Expert Artist Consultant (hi … Continue reading

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Gifts from Portugal: Castelo Branco embroidery

After my last post on Castelo Branco embroidery, Méri mailed me two Portuguese magazines about it, plus some gorgeous silks (so incredibly generous of her!). I’m so excited! I will definitely be trying it soon! The first magazine is “Bordados … Continue reading

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Little mouse

OK, y’all, I totally started another new project. But at least it’s a small one! I wanted to work on one I could finish quickly. Isn’t this mouse just adorable? It’s a kit from Woodland Threads, which is a Canadian … Continue reading

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Follow up: Geometric chain stitch

So, several of y’all had more questions about the embroidery in this picture (previous post about the geometric chain stitch design). First, about the scale: The inner core of the design (consisting of the 4×4 block of squares) is 7 … Continue reading

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