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Joker’s Teeth

I’ve been working on the Joker’s teeth (see first post on the Joker). I settled on padded satin stitch in pale yellow. Each tooth has a split stitch outline in 1 strand. Then I added a layer of padding with … Continue reading

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Tajikistan Ornament

Look at this little tasseled ornament! It’s cross-stitch from Tajikistan, and is another example from Dr. Shirazi’s collection (see bottom of post for details on collection). I like the design – very bright and geometric. Finishing the edges with beaded … Continue reading

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embroidery in San Francisco

Y’all, I am dashing around San Francisco on vacation this weekend. It is great!!!! I wanted to mention that I found the most wonderful gallery with a truly, truly AMAZING series of embroideries. It’s the Asian Arts Center, open Monday … Continue reading

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Book Review: Turkish Embroidery

A while ago, I wrote a post about ISMEK, a craft and embroidery center in Istanbul, and its four gorgeous free Pattern Books, Pattern Book 1 Pattern Book 2 Pattern Book 3 Pattern Book 4. I finally, finally found a … Continue reading

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artist: Kate Kretz

Today I am featuring the artist Kate Kretz! We have corresponded a little by email, so I have a mini-interview plus photos of her work. My writing is in italics, the rest is Ms. Kretz. My degrees are in painting, … Continue reading

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Suzani from Tajikistan I

This is a wall hanging from Tajikistan, purchased in Iran (ignore the innocent bystander caught in the photo). Tajikistan is next to China and Afghanistan. This suzani is also in Dr. Shirazi’s embroidery collection (many, many more left to go!).  … Continue reading

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Software for Embroidery Design II

As a follow up to my earlier post on quality free graphic design software, I thought I’d let you know about top-notch free publishing software. Scribus is useful after you have your diagrams and outlines drawn and photos edited. It … Continue reading

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