This is a Dimensions kit and one of my earliest embroidery pieces. I cannot for the life of me remember the name. I know it’s out of production, and may have had “royal” in the title. I love the colors, the variety of stitches, and the design, but I have to admit that leaving no blank space in your embroidery slows things down.

geometric design

close up

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8 Responses to Canvaswork

  1. Linda says:

    I love love love this piece. Why don’t they still offer stuff like this?

    • Hannah says:

      After a search of the house I found one of the pages of directions – still don’t have the name, but it has a 1999 copyright on it and the page numbering says “2477-5 of 6”, and 2477 may be an ID number? Not clear. Between my picture and that information, Dimensions should be able to identify it, and I’m sure the company still has the directions! Perhaps if you email them they would hunt it up for you. Or if enough people request it maybe they would reissue it or begin issuing similar designs. Their contact page is

    • Tanvel says:

      Check out the American Needlepoint, they have wonderful programs and offer cyberworkshops. They also publish their “Needlepointers” magazine. Great patterns and instructions in every issue. Not to mention the huge amount of advertisers all over the US of wonderful shops for this art. Check it out

  2. Linda Kay says:

    What beautiful colors and variety of stitches that you used on this canvas. Is it needlepoint or embroidery?
    No matter, it reminds me of needlepoint which is a glorious art.

  3. Tanvel says:

    Were those colors of your choosing, was the project in a kit that came with the threads? It seems like lately one can buy needlepoint kits with the buyer’s choice of colors. This pattern of yours reminds me of the American Needlepoint Guild’s block of the month for 2010.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if anyone is still looking for this design, but it is by Orna Willis and she offers an updated kit (new colors, amazing threads) on her website. I also stitched this design (Royal) from the Dimensions kit.

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