Cross stitch

I won’t be discussing cross-stitch often, since I rapidly lose interest in making billions of identical little x’s. But, if you’d like some exotic cross-stitch designs, take a look at PINN Cross Stitch (it’s a Thai company). It’s still affordable even though they’re overseas. I ordered one of their embroidery kits once, and it arrived quickly. If I liked cross-stitch I would try some of the smaller traditional Thai dancer patterns in the Thai Culture category. Here’s an example from their site (photo linked to the kit):

cross-stitch kit of thai dancer

I do have two tiny projects in cross-stitch of my own. This one is a small orchid from Dimensions (photo linked to the kit):

orchid cross stitch

I like the Daydreams range because the kits come with a frame. This project a friend brought me from London:

cross-stitch of bridge in london

Sadly, it’s been sitting like this for several years. Some day it will look like a bridge.

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