Enciclopedia de las Señoras

I found a little something in Google Books: “Enciclopedia de las Señoras, que Contiene las Artes y Labores de Utilidad y de Recreo” (Encyclopedia of the Ladies, that contains recreational and useful arts and works) translated from French to Spanish by Mrs. R. C.-B. and published in 1853. Fortunately, Spanish is one of my languages.

(To find more in Google Books, go to the Advanced Book Search, select Full View Only, and put either embroidery or needlework in the subject section. There may be other search combinations that are worthwhile, but those are the two I tried.)

There is a whole section on border designs:

There’s a series of interesting alphabets (many pages worth), with whimsical lettering. This encyclopedia presents crowns for a Baron, a Viscount, a Count, a Marquis, and a Duke – I guess this was the in thing to do at the time (see the Encyclopedia by Therese de Dillmont).

There are some flower designs (and another chapter on making artificial flowers):

And some really interesting patterns:


There are needlepoint charts as well. It’s fairly encyclopedic.

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