Rowandean cat

Here is yet another kit I’m so very close to finishing. It’s a small kit from Rowandean Embroidery, which is a British company with a huge variety of kits. This design is about 3 inches by 4 inches. I don’t see this particular kit on their website, but I believe it’s from their Cats in Gardens range. The stitches are straight stitches, lazy daisy stitches, and french knots. I’ve linked this photo, and the kit photos from their website, to the appropriate range on their homepage.

I love Rowandean kits, but they aren’t as widely available in the US. Some of their kits come with a fabric mat so that the embroidery spills out into the frame. Stone Bridge is from the Mini Plus range, and is about 3 inches on a side. Seagulls, on the other hand, is about 12 inches per side, and is still not their biggest kit.

There are other ranges of kits in different styles and techniques (trapunto, chunky textured threads, flower portraits, etc). The flower kit is from the Exotic Flowers range, with colored organza and embroidery. I really enjoy just browsing their website, looking at the designs.

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2 Responses to Rowandean cat

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Very nice!=) I like Rowandean kits too, although I’ve never bought one to date. I have more than enough kits and stash already and will probably be doing some E-bay sales once the market recovers from seasonal excesses!!!

    Starting a new project when the last is 97% complete is fine. What isn’t fine is never finishing that almost done project!! I haven’t touched mine for a week or more. I just don’t feel like it and have decided to wait until I do before I risk spoiling the whole project and the experience of stitching by forcing myself.=)

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