Yet more crewel

I seem to have plenty of crewel embroidery fans reading my blog, so I will mention two more companies from the other side of the world, in case y’all don’t know about them. Here are three designs from Cindy Cooper in Australia (Bellpull, Temptations, and Pink Rainbow):

She’s such a talented designer. I could look at her work all day long. I had a hard time picking just three to post here.

And here are three designs from Daaft Designs in South Africa, which has really interesting crewel designs in a distinct style (I have linked the photos directly to the Jacobean embroidery designs section of their website):

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2 Responses to Yet more crewel

  1. Sharon Brodeuse says:

    Thanks so much for these two “new” resources for Jacobean crewel embroidery. I am one of your “crewel enthusiast” readers! There are some very nice designs at both sites. It’s so interesting to look at the different interpretations of Jacobean done by different designers/embroiderers.

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