Indian embroidery: Kutch work

kutch work wall hanging

Kutch work wall hanging by Ramya Ramanan, on Flickr

This is a type of embroidery from the Indian state of Gujarat, and is especially popular in the Kutch and Bhuj regions. It’s closely related to Armenian embroidery – they both use interlaced herringbone stitch. The Indian designs tend to have a different style to them than the Armenian designs, I think. There are a lot of wonderful resources on the internet for doing Kutch work – lots more than there are for Armenian embroidery!

Bhavani Harikrishnan has a beautifully illustrated tutorial on Kutch work in four lessons. Each step has both diagrams and many very clear, very nice photos showing each move with the needle. I’ve put a few of them below to inspire y’all to go check it out. (If you like video tutorials and have some time, then Mridula’s School of Embroidery has a  Kutchwork Embroidery Series on Youtube.)

Lesson 1 Part 2

Lesson 2 Part 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

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5 Responses to Indian embroidery: Kutch work

  1. Jaan Baloch says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tutorial on Kutch work. I live in Pakistan with my husband. And the “Kutch” stitch is known as either Balochi or Sindhi stitch. No one is willing to teach me. I love all types of needlework, and love learning new stitches. Thank you again .

  2. Mike Stephan says:

    Yes this is true armenian influences are there.The armenians came to India in the early part of the 16th century and also had a settlement in Gujarat besides other cities in India.
    Mike Stephan

  3. Jaan says:

    Love history of needleworks. So, THANK YOU both Hannah and Mike for sharing this information on the history of the Kutch stitch.

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