Japanese thimbles

This post is about handmade Japanese thimbles (like the one with the watermelon design)! Apparently, Japanese thimbles are rings instead of the shape I’m used to. Ma Mercerie by Chloe Patricia is a blog about all the ways you can make these thimbles with silk over a ring-shaped base (or make anything else that’s a ring, like the base for a pincushion and napkin rings). She also has detailed instructions on how to make them, sells them if you’d rather just buy one, and sells kits to get you started.

Now, I know y’all want to know how to make them! First, you make a base. Then you wrap the base in silk thread. There are additional details in the rest of the posts in the “How I  make my thimbles” section. It’s actually fairly straightforward -you mostly have to keep track of the threads you are wrapping and keep the wrapping angle right for the pattern you are doing.

OK, here are a few more finished pieces (these two are pincushion bases):

Chloe Patricia runs a monthly thimble-making contest, where you can win a thimble from her. This means there’s a Flickr gallery with over a hundred photos of these lovely thimbles made by people all over the world. I had a lot of fun looking them all over.

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11 Responses to Japanese thimbles

  1. GrannySue says:

    How beautiful. Way beyond my skill level, but what lovely gifts they would make for those gals who love to wear jewelry! Much prettier than those plastic bracelets.

  2. Joan van Velsor says:

    These are so lovely and I will very likely made one, or two, or….
    But do you have any opinion about how well they work?

  3. Rachel says:

    They are delightful, aren’t they!

    Another skill on the list of Things To Learn. *sigh*

  4. Sandy says:

    Oh, they are pretty! Actually, aside from the threads being destroyed in use by the back of your sewing needle piercing them, I think they should work really well. I can’t use a regular thimble, especially a metal one – my thread is always caught between the needle and thimble, and wears-and-tears too fast – so I use a “quilter’s thimble” that I found at WalMart. It’s a loop or ring of tooling leather with a plastic base behind part of it as a base for the needle to push against. I have it around the tip of my 3rd finger, and push the back of the needle with the side of my finger. Same principle/method, only these are SO much prettier. And not from WalMart. This method does mean that I can’t push with the tip-end of my finger, on stitches where the needle is really stuck . . . but that’s why I also own smooth-jaw pliers.

  5. Jayashree Venkat says:

    Wonderful thimbles.Thanks for the tutorials and am glad i chanced upon your site thru Google Images-kutch Work.

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  7. Irene Ruiz says:

    Just chanced on your blog, I would love to own one of these beautiful thimbles, how can I do that?

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