Elegant Oriole

I’ve been working on a secret project! I worked up a modified version of the quick 5×7 inch crewel kit Elegant Oriole, from Dimensions (it’s about $9). It’s a graduation present for a friend of mine. I gave it to her Monday, so now I can post pictures! I took photos as I went along, so you can see my progress. Here is the stitching for the bird:

As you can see, the bird is mostly worked with long and short stitch in wool. The legs are outlined with back-stitch in brown floss. The beak is also brown floss. The top red flower is padded satin stitch, and its leaves are fly stitch.

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8 Responses to Elegant Oriole

  1. Mary Martin says:

    I did this kit in the past few months as well, for my mother-in-law – she loves birds! I tend to pick up bird kits for her, or butterfly kits for my mother, and do them when I get stuck working on my own designs. Right now I’m working on two original designs, and the big Dimensions Rooster kit, which I wanted for my kitchen. The Rooster has a lot of stitches which you don’t normally see in kits, including laid work, and it’s just fun. 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      Oh, that’s good to know about the Rooster. I like the Dimensions kits because they’re quick enough that I don’t get too attached to give them up.

      • Mary Martin says:

        The rooster is a pretty big kit, but the stitches are so varied I don’t mind. I tend to just work on it at night when I have time to watch TV. My husband found it one day at Michael’s and loved it so much he INSISTED that I get it for the kitchen. It’s alot of fun, especially since it’s crewel, and I have been tending to work with silk and goldwork lately. I definitely need to do more crewel! And I agree on the Dimensions kits – most of them are smaller and quick and make wonderful gifts. I think I have made the Colorful Hydrangea kit at least 4-5 times – most of my family here has it somewhere in their house.

  2. Mary Martin says:

    The next kit I get will be this I think, I love it! But too much to do right now to even indulge myself with buying it early:


  3. The background on that Dimensions range does add a certain something, doesn’t it!

    • Hannah says:

      Yes, I like having some color and movement in the background – it makes it much more interesting. The fabric though is not the best. It’s so coarse it makes nice curves difficult.

  4. Elmsley Rose says:

    You’ve mentioned the fabric is not the best to Rachel – but I love the colour and movement that it adds to the piece.

    And I’m glad you mentioned ‘different stitches including laid work’ because I had my nose to the screen looking at the leaves at the bottom, thinking …..aren’t they laid work?

    What a lovely present! I’m off to look at the site

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