Candlewicking pillow

My grandma made this candlewicking pillow about 25 years ago. It’s a little hard to photograph since candlewicking is traditionally white-on-white, but the closeup photo is a little easier to see. The design shows a girl holding a bouquet.

The fundamental stitch is the colonial knot. Many embroidery patterns can be adapted to candlewicking by just covering the lines with evenly spaced colonial knots. It creates a very textured surface.

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5 Responses to Candlewicking pillow

  1. It’s is a strong texture. I’ve not the patience for all those knots, but I’ve great admiration for anyone who does!

  2. Julie says:

    i did a beautiful candlewicking pillow in my 20’s. i wish i still had it! so great you have your grandma’s!!!!! it is so pretty! thanks for the suggestion of using a regular line drawing as a pattern for this technique!

  3. Heike Oelbuttel says:

    I just came across your page and see that you have a small article on candlewicking, I do candlewick quilts much to the delight of my family. I am however about to embark on a king size quilt with 56 squares, the largest yet. Regards Heike Oelbuttel, Piketberg, South Africa

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