Book Review: International Needlework Designs

This is a review of International Needlework Designs, by Mira Silverstein. Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1978.

I love this book! It has an enormous variety of styles in it, and Ms. Silverstein picks out really lovely designs. I flip through this book and say to myself “I want to make that one. And that one. And that one. And …” The book talks about each country and embroidery style, with examples. It provides photos of the original piece plus a pattern outline for all 50 designs. Here are a few examples from the book:

There is a lovely and thorough section on Kalocsa embroidery. It provides the designs for all the embroidery in the photo to the left, plus a few more.

For some designs, like the Japanese cranes from a woven obi, it provides suggestions for how to adapt the design to embroidery. For others, like the Carrickmacross lace veil, it provides detailed instructions for reproducing it with the original techniques.

Other countries covered in the book include Denmark, Guatemala, and Cambodia.

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1 Response to Book Review: International Needlework Designs

  1. Elmsley Rose says:

    Oh! I really really love the one with the lion in the middle.! I’m going to get this book on inter-library loan if I can!

    Thanks! (Another project for the list!)

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