embroidery in San Francisco

Y’all, I am dashing around San Francisco on vacation this weekend. It is great!!!! I wanted to mention that I found the most wonderful gallery with a truly, truly AMAZING series of embroideries. It’s the Asian Arts Center, open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6:30pm and Sunday noon to 5pm. The front door is at 720 Market Street and the back door at 47 Geary Street. I don’t have any photos 😦 cause I didn’t have my camera. And they discourage photos anyway. And I couldn’t afford any of them 😦 But if you are anywhere near San Francisco and want to see incredibly high quality gorgeous Chinese silk embroidery in all different styles up close, you should definitely, definitely stop by. I had a wonderful time looking at them all – such tiny, tiny stitches, such beautifully detailed work. Real artistic work. WOW. Totally fantastic. There’s some on the ground floor, and more on the second floor.  They let me use a magnifying glass to look them over. SO COOL.

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