Joker’s Teeth

I’ve been working on the Joker’s teeth (see first post on the Joker). I settled on padded satin stitch in pale yellow. Each tooth has a split stitch outline in 1 strand. Then I added a layer of padding with 2 strands:

I decided on a second layer of padding with 2 strands, and a top layer of satin stitch over both the padding and the split stitch outline in 1 strand. In the photo below, the two teeth to the left are finished. The next two teeth have two layers of padding. The final filled tooth has one layer of padding.

I tried to take a photo from the side, so you could see the padding.

I think it’s coming out well, though a little dusty (oops). The teeth really stand out, and will even after I fill in the gums. My top layer of satin stitching is not completely parallel though – the angles of the stitching are wandering a little. But it’s the Joker, he should have crazy teeth. Nevertheless, I’m sure I’ll be very good at parallel stitching by the time I’m done with the teeth from all the practice.

I’ll try for better photos next time, y’all, these are all inside at night so the lighting is terrible.


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3 Responses to Joker’s Teeth

  1. Elmsley Rose says:

    They look great!

  2. Rachel says:

    You’ll be able to get rid of the dust soon at this rate. I think the extra layer of padding was a really good idea!

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