Hardanger Inspiration

I ran across a blog, Coffeebean’s Dailies, with some amazingly beautiful hardanger photos and I wanted to share with y’all (yes, I asked for permission). Here is the photo of the entire piece:

Isn’t it incredible? I think I should learn hardanger. Alia posted a number of photos of beautiful details of the hardanger in a post. To inspire you to go take a look, here are a few of them (to see more, go look at her blog! definitely worth it! look how many more sections there are!):

You should also check out her new in-progress hardanger project, which is very beautiful too. If you want links to free tutorials and hardanger design companies now that you’ve been inspired, check out my archive of hardanger posts.

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18 Responses to Hardanger Inspiration

  1. Rachel says:

    There are some really very intricate filling stitches shown there. Great find!

  2. Julia says:

    I just wanted to let you know that each time I receive your blog, I forget about the rest of the world!
    Time just goes so fast! but I was reading it for at least a couple of hours!
    ‘Love everything you share with all of us.thanks!

  3. Erica Marsden says:

    Good morning – beautiful work in these photos. Thank you for posting them. I do wonder though, is it Hardanger? To me, it looks more like Punto Antico? The fillings are more complex than what is usually seen on Hardanger. Just wondering….

  4. Jane S. says:

    Some of those stitches I’ve never even seen before! Really beautiful Hardanger, thank you for posting the pictures.

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  6. Alia says:

    Hannah and Ladies (commenters). Thank you! I have never heard of Punto Antico and look forward to reading up on it! It sounds Spanish? Punto means ‘point’ and Antico I’m not so sure, ‘old’ or ‘ancient’ or hmmm… I speak Spanish but will have to look it up. I so look forward to that! Thank you for finding me Hannah and contacting me. I have made a lot of progress on my Bargello project this past week but have to , yes HAVE TO put it down to work on a quilt for a deadline! Yikes! I LOVE Hardanger and I will go back and try to name those stitches! For those that visted my blog, thank you! Isn’t the WWW wonderful!!?? As an American living in the Middle East; it is great for me in many ways! I’m a little Homesick!!!

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  8. Rabid says:

    Beautiful work πŸ™‚ I love seeing advanced hardanger. I know of a book that instructs in most of those stitches. I believe it’s called A Collection of Beautiful Stitches and I know Nordic Needle used to carry it.

  9. Is there away hardanger can be done on a machine embroidery or any patterns avalible?/

    • Hannah says:

      Well, Google seems to indicate that it can be done. I don’t have a sewing machine and haven’t done machine embroidery, so I can’t evaluate which websites are worthwhile. But it looks like there may be patterns.

  10. Wendy says:

    Stunning! no more word’s needed;

  11. sharon says:

    OESD has machine embroidery designs with Hardanger. You really need embroidery software so you can move the small Hardanger designs around to form a larger design. I made a linen table runner with the designs and it turned out beautiful.

  12. Miriam says:

    Love you work. I used to to the hardanger sometime back. I have several pieces. My eyes got to bothering me so I stopped. I like the small weave like linen, I made a Christmas Doll Dress, won 1st place at the
    County Fair. Would like to see more of you work.

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