Plas Teg Bellpull Part Ten Trillion

Y’all, I lost count of the number of posts I’ve done on this project. Behold the update photo! I finished the last berry on the left side with purple at the top for variety. I might add some horizontal laid stitches to the light blue satin stitch on the flower just for continuity with the rest of the solid coloring.

Below is the last update photo I took of this region. You’ll notice I changed the vine tendrils from pale yellow to gray. I decided the tendrils would be more effective as interesting details on the background vine. There’s plenty of color in this piece already, and I want to keep the focus on the fruits and flowers. I filled in the main vine, too.

I’m sure y’all would like to see it up close too, so here’s a bonus photo. Sadly, the purple buttonhole on the rightmost bell is very loose and needs to be redone.

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7 Responses to Plas Teg Bellpull Part Ten Trillion

  1. Noel Payton says:

    I really like some of the changes you’ve made: gray instead of yellow for the tendrils, purple instead of red for the berry cap. However, I hope you do not make the lightest blue portion of the blue flower solid. It would become quite heavy. What you have now, gives the flower some lightness and textural interest which would be lost if you filled it in.

    • Hannah says:

      Oh, no, I didn’t mean fill in the outer petals. I meant adding extra horizontal lines to the top of the solid middle part of the flower. I like the Japanese darning texture too!

      Glad you like the changes!

  2. Rachel says:

    You’ve made good progress there!

  3. linnyts says:

    Really pretty! I like the changes you’ve made.

  4. Hannah says:

    I should probably clarify that the original vines were more brownish shades, and the tendrils and red berry caps started out as greenish brown shades. So I’m altering alterations at this point 🙂

  5. Anita says:

    Beautiful ! How about adding tiny seed stitches in the big leaf at the bottom?.

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