Give-away AND Crazy-quilts

OK folks, the five lucky people from Monday’s Japanese silk scraps give away are:

  1. Mary Burton
  2. Sharon Brodeuse
  3. Corvus
  4. Jane S
  5. Julie

I will be emailing you to get your mailing addresses! Hurray! Thank you everyone! Thanks so much for participating! And reading my blog!  There are some interesting comments on that post, if anyone wants to go back and see what people said.

Now, I’m sure those five people love this post, but I think everyone else wants some eye candy.

Since the give-away involved piles of silk scraps, I thought I would provide crazy quilting links. And I am totally disorganized today, so I have not emailed anyone for permission to use their photos. So you will have to click on the links. When I have time I might go back and add a few photos. But these are definitely worth seeing!

First, here are a couple of designs with instructions at the Caron Collection’s Free Designs page (they have lots of non-crazy-quilting embroidery too):

Second, when I think of crazy quilting, I think of Pin Tangle!


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9 Responses to Give-away AND Crazy-quilts

  1. Julie says:

    I love Pin Tangle, too! Sharon is going to start her “Take a Stitch Tuesdays” again the first week of 2012. And she has a Studio Journal class starting up in February. I’ve signed up for both. I love the idea of a journal to help me organize my ideas. I’m forever collecting images and color schemes that I love from magazines and calendars. I scan them into my computer and keep a file for collaging, but I don’t seem to take the next step. I’m hoping the Journal class will help me take that next step in designing.

    If I’m the Julie that won, my email xxxxx! I must say, though, I would read this blog even without the giveaway!

  2. Sharon Brodeuse says:

    Wow! I’m excited to be one of the winners of your giveaway, Hannah! Thank you. This is really great, because the beautiful fabrics will be put to good use as I have just joined a (SharonB StitchinFingers) TAST Newcomers Group, and will be able to use them in the fabric book I’ll be making. We’ll be practicing weekly stitches, and keeping them in the book for future reference.

  3. Glenda says:

    Thanks for sharing the crazy-quilting links. I already have Sharon’s blog on my Google Reader, but I’d not come across the other links before. I’ve not crazy-quilted before, so Leslie Levison’s patchwork block tutorial will be PERFECT for helping me take the first step :-).

  4. Christina says:

    I am a little disappointed that once again I didn’t win, boo hoo, but big congratulations to those who did. I am quite sure that the ‘scraps’ will have good homes and be well used.
    Thanks for the link to the Caron website. Sharon B’s I know very well, it is one of my favourites.

  5. Rachel says:

    A great set of links, Hannah, and congratulations to your winners!

  6. sharonb says:

    Thanks for the lovely compliments and spreading the word about TAST

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