Castelo Branco Bird: Difficulties

Well, folks, (previous project post to jog your memory) I started back on my Castelo Branco bird. There were some unfortunate mishaps. The lighter yellow to the right is earlier work. You can see the sudden color change where I started back up. I’m not sure what happened – did I pick up the wrong yellow? It’s definitely a possibility, because it’s been a while since I touched the project. Oops.

Since I already needed to fix the problem, I thought I’d begin again more carefully at the left, with two strands instead of three. I don’t know if it’s all the practice I’ve had stitching since last time, the change in the number of strands, or that I started using a thread conditioner (which I love), but it looks much, much better. So, that’s staying and the older work is going.

One last photo for the post, and then I’ll rip the right half out.

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6 Responses to Castelo Branco Bird: Difficulties

  1. Sharon Brodeuse says:

    Well, restarting a project after a hiatus is kind of interesting. I started one in 2010 and find that in 2011 my stitching has improved. Well, that’s positive, anyway! I love the new shade of yellow you are using, and your stitching is so even – really nice. And BTW, what thread conditioner do you use?

  2. Marta Brysha says:

    I too use Thread Heaven and it is awesome. Working with silk without it is horrible and frustrating. I also find that licking the thread to remove the memory (technical word for the kinks that your thread acquires after you wind it onto a bobbin card) first and then running the thread through TH makes all the difference.

    I think it’s a good move to go to 2 threads. It’s always a mistake to go with a thread that is much heavier than the weave of the base fabric. And yes, you do need to pull the old work out – it looks clunky compared to the “new” area. Good luck.

    • Hannah says:

      I think I originally went with 3 strands because at the time my stitching skills weren’t up to the close stitching required to cover the shape with 2 strands. Amazing what a difference it makes. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Rachel says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to see the improvement in your technique!

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