Castelo Branco Sampler

Y’all, Méri sent me a wonderful little sample of Castelo Branco embroidery, from the gift shop of Francisco Tavares de Proença Júnior Museum in Castelo Branco, Portugal. Isn’t it beautiful?

Imagine an entire bedspread worked like this! Did you know that it’s actually the London V&A Museum that has the largest collection of Castelo Branco bedspreads? They aren’t on permanent display though.

Below you can see real Castelo Branco stitching! Here I have a close up of the flower. It’s in silk, and is very glossy.

Méri wrote a series of posts about her experiences at the museum and other Castelo Branco embroidery centers. You should check them out! I found them very interesting (she writes in both Portuguese and English, so you don’t even need to translate them).

Finally, I thought you’d also like a good look at the stems.

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10 Responses to Castelo Branco Sampler

  1. Rachel says:

    Perhaps you or Meri could explain what the difference is between Castel Branco and Bayeux Stitch. Superficially, they look the same, but one is worked in silk and the other in wool. Tell us more!

  2. Elmsley Rose says:

    Oh! It IS beautiful! You lucky…er, duck! (referring to your blog header ~grin~)

  3. Monique says:

    Very lovely!! Thank you Meri and Hannah!!

    Rachel: EGA published an article ” Bayeux Stitch–Ancient and Modern” by Jan Messent. Check it out.

    Meri; there are two interesting conferences/exhibits in Guimares and Covilha. If you go, give us a report. Please. The info. is posted on this web site

  4. Hello Hnnah,
    Very interesting stitch..both the names are new to me..went through Mary’s site and I think i got the is very is more interesting the way the feather stitch is used for stems.i just loved it..thanks for sharing. I learnt something new.:)

  5. meri says:

    OMG! Hannah Thanks for the mention. I’m happy you’ve liked the sampler. I’m a little away from reading blogs I apologise I haven’t answered before.
    Rachel: as far I know what is the Bayeux stitch it looks like Castelo Branco stitch. But I’m not sure. It is my intention to go back to Castelo Branco and talk more and more with The Museum embroderers. I’m waiting for Spring…
    Monique: thanks for the link! I hope to go to Guimaraes exhibit…
    Thank you all 🙂

  6. meri says:

    Hannah: after Rachel question I’ve looked again the book I brought from Castelo Branco and now I can say that Bayeux Stitch is the same as Castelo Branco stitch; long ago also known as Oriental stitch.
    I think the main difference is that tapestries in Bayeux stitch are made with wool and Castelo Branco embroidery is made with silk.

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