New Project: Water’s Edge

Y’all, I started another one! I am taking this one to my office for short breaks and bribing myself to keep working on my dissertation. The kit photo is to the left. This is Water’s Edge, an Anchor Freestyle kit. I got it on sale – there’s still a few more on sale at the website (Keepsake NeedleArts).

Anyway, I have a small dilemma. The leaf at the right of the dragonfly is supposed to be stem stitch, but I misread the directions and started it in long and short stitch. I’m working the main stem in stem stitch, but do I finish that leaf in long and short or take it out and redo it? Hmmmmm!

Here is a closer picture of the main stem.

For comparison, here is a closer picture of the leaf and dragonfly.

And one last photo for texture comparison photos, and because I like my dragonfly.

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4 Responses to New Project: Water’s Edge

  1. Keep doing what you are doing. Speaking as a designer of kits, I’m always delighted when people use my designs as a springboard and tweak – or even change radically – the way the design is worked!

  2. Elmsley Rose says:

    I agree with Rachel (whom I greatly respect). I think that the L&S stiched leaf looks great! Just do the other long leaf in the same way, so they sit together nicely (but that’s an obvious statement to make)

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