Water’s Edge: Progress Report

I’ve been stitching away daily. I only take small breaks for embroidery but they add up!

OK folks, it’s back to work now. See you later!

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6 Responses to Water’s Edge: Progress Report

  1. Going well. Working on black can be a bit of a strain, so short bursts is a good idea anyway!

  2. Elmsley Rose says:

    *Love* the stitching (colour) on the leaf….(inspired by Kathy in Unbroken Thread’s recent entry?). Done really well! (now I feel patronizing). A matter of artistic placement of those white stitches…

    • Hannah says:

      Glad you like it! Actually, the colors all came with the kit. I don’t have the extra brainpower to pick colors at the moment, so I’m mostly following the color scheme on this one.

      I do love Kathy’s work, it’s so lovely.

  3. freestyle3 says:

    I gather this is a kit. Can you give me the details of it please, eg, what, where, who etc. I do like black backgrounds and must say I have never noticed any problems working on black. And I am so very disciplined about taking regular breaks …. not!

    It is looking good, I want to see it completed. Shame about the bird, for an ornithophobe like me, but the rest is lovely.

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