Spring Box Top

Y’all, there is a going-out-of-business sale (so sad!) at a needlework shop near me (Ginger’s NeedleArts), and I picked up some wonderful things on sale. I was inspired by some gorgeous variegated floss from The Gentle Art, and decided to use them for the Spring Box Finishing #7 design from The Victoria Sampler. I know hardanger is usually done in perle cotton but I truly loved this floss so whatever! The flowers are worked in Cherry Bark (1120), Currant (0312), and Tomato (7058) and the leaves in Tiger Lily (0115). The blue is Deep Sea 0930. I haven’t decided if I will actually turn this into a box top.

I also bought new scissors, which are incredibly sharp and small and really helping me with the cutting. They’re Premax scissors, and they really work well.

I’m still on a hardanger kick, as you can tell. Partly I’ve been a little sick lately (one of my parathyroid glands is running amok) so I don’t have the energy to do some of the free style embroidery. Don’t worry, it’s easily fixable! I caught it early, so I will be completely fine by mid-July. But, if you are tired all the time don’t just assume it’s stress – go to the doctor! This is most common among older women, and is severely under-diagnosed because people assume they are stressed, or getting older, or working too hard, and don’t get it checked out. It can give you osteoporosis in four years flat if you don’t do anything. Anyway, if you’re an adult and a blood test says your calcium is over 10 mg/dl you should go read about parathyroids.

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7 Responses to Spring Box Top

  1. It’s always sad when an embroidery shop closes, but you do at least get the chance to retrieve some treasures!

  2. Anita says:

    Get well soon!
    It’s sad to know that an embroidery shop had closed…This hardanger design is beautiful.

  3. Monique says:

    Hi, get well. You will bounce back very quickly. Best

  4. Elmsley Rose says:

    The box top is looking lovely! Some nice rich colours ~grin~.
    I hope that your thyroid gets all better soon – it’s sneaky, isn’t it, but so debilitating.

  5. Rene says:

    Sorry to hear about the shop closing, but I love the colors of the thread you’re using. Hope you’re feeling better.

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