Japanese Violets I

Y’all, I wrote this several months ago and totally forgot about it! Oops! So I will publish it now. I think perhaps now that I have more energy I can finish a few of these projects off instead of perpetually starting new ones! 

Well, I got this kit for Christmas over a year ago. So it’s about time I worked on it! It’s Learning Kit #9: Japanese Violets, from JDR Brazilian Elegance.

I love the variegated color for the stems and leaves, and the rayon really shines. The flowers will be bright red and purple, which will make this super bright. The stems give an almost 3D effect. Here’s a side view so you can see.

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9 Responses to Japanese Violets I

  1. Patricia Jay says:

    Your embroidery is perfect, as well as your choice of floss. Keep up the good embroidery,

  2. Anita says:

    Looks pretty! I wish these kit designers print them with a thin line because it’s always difficult to cover the broad lines with stitches especially the line stitches.Anyways it’s my opinion,would like to know what you and others think…..

    • Hannah says:

      I generally like thin lines, but this one claims the blue lines are completely washable and therefore don’t need to be totally covered. We shall see!

  3. Therese says:

    Oh that looks like a cool kit. I bought one myself a while back. I put it way with the others for a rainy day. They never seem to come * sigh*. I do remember the shininess of the rayon thread and thinking it might be slippery and hard to work with. How did you find it? Will this have to tons of bullion’s that Brazilian work is known for? Bet your looking forward to that! 🙂 I think that may have been a reason besides other projects. I really needed to practice those Bullion’s! They never stay tight for me.

    • Hannah says:

      Yes, I am going to be practicing lots and lots of bullions shortly! You can watch me and laugh 🙂 It is definitely slippery, though thread conditioner helps a little. The website I linked has tons of brazilian embroidery designs, I think I found it when I googled the subject to see what was out there.

      • I just love the JDR site. I think I found it looking up threads for a Di Van niekerk project I was doing. I needed ‘Boucle’ thread. Had to Google it.
        Thanks for the thread conditioning tip! In fact I bought some when I saw it at a quilt shop. I recalled you mentioning before how much it helped and had to try it.

  4. A good start, for sure. I agree the lines are a little heavy, but often with these kits they are washable and disappear completely. That said, don’t leave them showing if you can avoid it!

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