Water’s Edge: Quick Update

I’ve been working on the split stitch outline of the flower. It’ll all be covered with long-and-short stitching soon, but I console myself with the knowledge that it really makes the edge look nicer. I also added a little bit of stitching to the bird and stem.

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8 Responses to Water’s Edge: Quick Update

  1. Patricia Jay says:

    Your embroidery is beautiful, Very inspiring…

    • Hannah says:

      Thank you. By the way, you can leave the “website” field blank when you are commenting if you don’t have one. Putting a random website like “Yahoo.com” just confuses people and makes your comment look like it might be spam 🙂

  2. Wow the shading on that birds butt is spectacular! Really shows well against the black to. I always wondered about the website. Never saw it with the names. If you hadn’t said something I would never known to click on the name and it takes you to their site. I clicked on yours and it took me to your home page cool!

  3. Good progress, Hannah – and yes, the outlining does help to add an improved “finish” to the piece.

  4. Julie says:

    I’ve never done split stitch but will be soon as I’ve just put to frame Tanja Berlin’s Baby Burrowing Owl. I’ve split plenty of thread/stitches in my day, but never on purpose! Hope it comes easily. I hope one day I will have needlepainting skills as good as yours are in this piece! I love this particular subject!

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