Indian embroidery example

This is an example from Dr. Shirazi’s collection. I am not sure where in India this is from. Perhaps some of my readers might know? Somebody tell me about it!

This is just spectacular. Below you can see one of the motifs and the lower border.

If you look even closer, you can see that the stitches are very simple. What makes the work spectacular (besides the sheer size!) is the bold color and geometric design. And the mirrors of course!

Here is a better view of the upper part of the design.

I will just finish the post with a number of photos.

This is one of a special series of posts based on the embroidery collection of Dr. Faegheh Shirazi, from The University of Texas at Austin. Her research is on “textiles, dress, gender identity discourse, and material culture in the Middle East; the meanings of veiling; rituals and rites of passage as they relate to material culture.” Over the years she has collected a number of examples of embroidery from around the world, and has very kindly allowed me to photograph them for my blog.

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8 Responses to Indian embroidery example

  1. Julie says:

    All I can tell you is what you already know….It’s gorgeous!

    • Neema says:

      This embroidery is from western part of India Kutch District in Gujarat. Mirror work /kutchi work is mainly seen on women Skirts, blouses, and shawls.Its mainly buttonhole stitch with mirrors. Mirrors are now a days replaced by metal,since become very heavy.Vibrant colors threads are used for embroidery.

  2. Marie-Claire says:


  3. martabrysha says:

    Oh so gorgeous. I’m sharing this post on my public facebook page!

  4. jizee6687 says:

    A beautiful piece.This is ethnic embroidery from Gujarat-a eastern state in India. the stitches used for this embroidery are-herringbone, buttonhole, chain, open chain, Cretan , feather and mirror work.

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