Rooster Project: Start


blackwork roosterI can resist no longer. New project! This is the blackwork/cross-stitch rooster from Carol Leather of X-Calibre Designs. I am swapping out the suggested threads for DMC Floche 815, 310, and 437. I like this fabric, though it isn’t even-weave, so I’m trying out waste canvas (16 count) for the first time. We’ll see how that goes. The project may go down in flames. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. But the cat did it anyway and so will I. Fortunately, I don’t think problematic embroidery is a fatal condition.

I have a terrible time with counted work – you can see the top plume in the picture below is miscounted – but I really love the design. Now, the solid black feathers are cross-stitch, but there is absolutely no way I am ever going to get through that much cross-stitch. I might be able to work the small gold feathers, but that’s it. Ideas for the large black feathers:

  1. Backstitch the outline for a solid line, then fill it in with a different stitch after the waste canvas is removed.
  2. Partial outline with running stitch, then fill it in after the waste canvas is removed.
  3. Darning stitch of some sort.
  4. Lattice work of some sort.
  5. ????

Ideas welcome 🙂 I think perhaps running stitch outline then fill them in with colcha stitch later. There’s plenty of time to think it over and lots of counted work left to go.

It’s really strange the way the waste canvas temporarily covers everything – you can’t see the final effect of the threads on the ground fabric. Sure hope it turns out well! Fingers crossed!

backstitch rooster feathers

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7 Responses to Rooster Project: Start

  1. mom says:

    I have never seen the passage where the good Lord said, “Thou shalt COUNT YOUR STITCHES.” I think a judicious use of asymetrical feathers would be more interesting. After all, roosters dont count their feathers and they come out looking good.

  2. I see you found Floche. Not easy is it? There is a seller on ebay that has pretty good prices. Cheaper shipping than Hedgehogs. On that note let me know how you like working with it. I have a love hate relationship with the thread. I fills in great, Love the sleek single thread look to it. Hate the fuzziness it gets like wool, it felts it self together as you stitch. Oh well can only appreciate the good things in life with the struggle of bad.

    • Hannah says:

      Actually, a local needlework shop here carries it. So no shipping. I haven’t stitched much yet, I’ll update you about what I think after I’ve worked with it some more 🙂

  3. Certainly outline the solid black in back stitch so you have the placement. Maybe spend some time with a dictionary of canvaswork stitches to find a filling?

  4. Marta Brysha says:

    Go boldly into the unknown! That’s where all the fun is. Can’t wait to see your beautiful boy chook all glammed up.

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