Rooster: Gold feathers


I cross-stitched the gold feathers plus some decorative dots. I’m still thinking about the large black feathers – maybe fill them in with double running stitch over two squares? That would be quicker and easier than cross-stitch, and still fit with the geometric nature of the pattern.

This is going to be a nice big design. I thought about working it at a higher count and therefore smaller, but I decided to go for impressively large. The idea is it will look bold and stylized.

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6 Responses to Rooster: Gold feathers

  1. You’ve made a great start – it’s a very striking design!

  2. Marie-Claire says:

    Beautiful i like it Marie-Claire

  3. I admire your confidence with counting the huge gaps! I always work adjacent sections together so that there’s no risk of miscounting.=)

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