Rooster: Feather Experiment


I tried a couple of experimental feathers (on the right) before finding an arrangement I liked: solid outline on one side with horizontal lines filling it in, which creates stylized feather shapes. This covers the same blocks that the cross-stitching would, but I find it less irritating to work and more interesting stylistically, while still fitting in with the geometric theme. I am still debating what to do with the row of black feathers above the gold feathers – maybe similar but with a diagonal fill? Something else entirely?

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4 Responses to Rooster: Feather Experiment

  1. Patricia Jay says:

    Looks great, looking forward to the final stitch,,,

  2. THERESE HAAS says:

    Sorry but your on you own here. Your not far enough for me to picture where you going with this. But do have to say I love the design for the body!

  3. You might want to do a few more of those lower feathers – love your idea there, by the way! – before you try to work out what to do with the upper tier. Maybe something that will create a slightly lighter effect?

  4. Marie-Claire says:

    C’est déja beau je serairavi de voire la suite bonne journée Marie-Claire

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