Game of Thrones Embroidery

I wanted to share some pop culture embroidery with y’all! Perhaps you’ve seen it already, but I wouldn’t want y’all to miss out. The hit TV show Game of Thrones has been working with the really talented embroidery costume designer Michele Carragher from London. She has a website! With photos! I have permission to share a few with you, but after that you have to go over to her site.

Here is a detail on Sansa’s dress where the design tells the character’s life story through symbolism from the family heraldic beasts:


The blue dress below combines smocking and embroidery for a highly textured dragonscale effect (dragons are very relevant to Danaerys!). She even gives instructions on how to achieve the basic smocking texture. In fact, she created three dresses in this style with an evolving design to go with the character’s development. You can read more about the changes in design and material.33 - DAENERYS TARGARYEN GAME OF THRONES EMBROIDERY BY MICHELE CARRAGHER 

Stumpwork fish adorn another costume. Aren’t they amazing?


That’s all I can show you here, but there are also:

If you want to see these costumes from screenshots in the show, you can search for Game of Thrones embroidery.

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3 Responses to Game of Thrones Embroidery

  1. All I’ve ever heard about Game of Thrones is about blood and gore – if I’d thought there was embroidery to look at I might have taken more notice! Thanks for the links – I am looking forward to having a good rummage!

    • Hannah says:

      I actually don’t watch the show because of the high level of blood and gore. Too much for me! But I saw this and had a fabulous time hunting around the internet for pictures of the embroidery.

  2. Yes the show has all that and don’t for get plenty of sex. Seem like all show these day have tons of all that. But I think the costuming, imagery, and (albeit fantasy like) history just make up for it. I have enjoyed about 70% of it. As you see here the costumes can be astounding. Thank you, I did not know of this site. I will enjoy this with my coffee!

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