Flower Circle Japanese embroidery

DSCF1123The adventure continues! I finished the plum flower and added pollen and stamens on top (stamen angles were all calculated precisely because that’s how they roll in Japanese embroidery).


I made the second pine tree dark blue. It’s worked in flat silk with a gold lattice over it (lattice spacing calculated with ruler). In the picture below you can see the contrast between the green twisted silk pine tree and the flat silk flower and pine tree. I love watching the light on them.

DSCF1117  Here’s another picture of my plum flower reflecting the light.DSCF1119  Next step: adding branches to the trees! These are done in gold. I’m still practicing at keeping the strands untwisted and parallel with the tekobari, but it’s looking good.DSCF1131

To add the upper branches we use a diagram and stitch through the tissue paper! The silver buttons are magnets to keep it in place until I’m done.


After removing the tissue paper, I start couching the branches down to give them a curve and to keep them in place.DSCF1144

All done with the pine tree!


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10 Responses to Flower Circle Japanese embroidery

  1. It is the endless variations in shade from stitch angle and angle of light that make silk so fascinating and rewarding to use, isn’t it!

  2. Abbie says:

    Your work is beautiful! I am glad you are sharing your progress with us.

  3. Marie-Claire says:

    C’est la première fois que je vois cette broderie elle est magnifique bravo Marie-Claire

  4. Monique says:

    Oui, bravo!! happy to see you, Hannah

  5. Elaine r. says:

    Lovely work. Like seeing it progress and am learning even if I never do silk embroidery.

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