Water’s Edge: Bird Finish


I finished the bird! He is worked in one strand of thread. He’s pretty small, only 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) from the tip of the beak to the tail. Below is a closeup of his face so you can see the stitches in detail.



When you’re stitching a bird, try to think of what directions feathers would naturally point. If you’re unsure there’s plenty of pictures on the internet to help! The most important thing to remember is that the stitches should never be perfectly even and aligned unless you are trying to make a robotic bird. Natural birds are always a little bit of a mess.

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13 Responses to Water’s Edge: Bird Finish

  1. Monique says:

    Oh, Hannah–it is so beautiful!!!
    PS: it is not just Natural birds that a bit of a mess–you should see my hair, all day, every day.

  2. Patricia Jay says:

    Your embroidery is beautiful. I am playing with Comb Embroidery I found on Pinterest. this kind of embroidery blew my mind,. Just when I find embroidery to work from other countries, Comb embroidery from India, was just so exciting to learn to do…I found a book on Amazon, from Japan on comb embroidery, will be at my home on 5 July. RSVP if anyone has any samples of this embroidery.

  3. He looks lovely – bright eyed, and Paying Attention to something in the water…!

  4. Marie-Claire says:

    Felicitation la broderie est magnifique Marie-Claire

  5. Elmsley Rose says:

    He’s Lovely!! So bright and friendly.

  6. Julie says:

    gorgeous!!!! love how he looks so ruffled! good point about doing birds….mine would look robotic im sure, but with this tip, i think i might do much better!!!!! thx!!!!!

  7. He’s lovely – he just glows!

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