Hilltop Farm: Two more trees


This weekend I worked on my Hilltop Farm project (from Rowandean). It’s very different from the Japanese embroidery I’ve been working on lately. Look at my gigantic yarn french knots! It makes for an impressive tree. In fact, I finished two trees in different yarns. I picked these yarns out myself – I love the yarns in the rest of the kit but the yarn that was assigned to these two trees just didn’t do it for me.


All the trees combine for a really textured fun design. I am leaving the sheep for later so the white yarn will stay cleaner.


I also worked on the grass for this hill, which is taking forever! It’s such a large hill. I inspired myself by watching terrible, terrible action movies while embroidering. So terrible I’m not sure I should admit to watching them.


How big is it? 20 inches by 27 inches (0.5m x 0.7m). It goes faster than you think because it’s yarn, but it’s still gonna be a masterpiece!


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6 Responses to Hilltop Farm: Two more trees

  1. Irene Ruiz says:

    Looking good.


  2. Those huge, textured yarns do create a wonderfully lively effect!

  3. tanvel says:

    Your work is outstanding, I love the different stitches  you used for each tree. Velia

  4. Elmsley Rose says:

    I’ve got to get me one of those Rowdean kits one day – they look like such fun!

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