Henry Grace a Dieu: New Project


My lovely reader Julie sent me a beautiful kit from her stash. I couldn’t resist, and started it 🙂 I’ve been saving pictures of it up to show off, and here it is! The Henry Grace a Dieu was the flagship of King Henry VIII while attending a diplomatic summit with King Francis I in 1520. The site of the summit was named the Field of the Cloth of Gold due to the ridiculous amount of fancy fabrics on display in costumes and tents from the two kings.

DSCF1080 Next up will be filling in a whole lot of shield and flag designs. I enjoyed working the cannons. POW POW POW! I would shoot everybody. DSCF1081

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7 Responses to Henry Grace a Dieu: New Project

  1. Julie says:

    Oh, how neat! Glad you were never a pirate though. LOL.

  2. Marie-Claire says:

    Wow this is beautiful Marie-Claire

  3. It looks like great fun – a history lesson in stitch!

  4. Linda G says:

    Wish more kits like this existed.

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