Hanazume: Stamens Everywhere


I had another class in Japanese embroidery (from Bluebonnet Studio)! I am very nearly finished with the Hanazume Flower Circle design from the Japanese Embroidery Center. First I gave the yellow chrysanthemum some knots in the center. Then I embarked on an endless series of stamens. There were five cherry flowers, and each needed 16 stamens at precisely equal angles and lengths. I’m not convinced they truly needed it since I’m pretty sure wild cherries don’t. However, in the spirit of learning the Japanese style I went with it.


Each of the gold stitches had to be carefully couched in a curve. 


And THEN I added an additional two stitches of equal length in twisted yellow silk to the end. DSCF1590


It took a while! I finally finished the couching, but I still have some of the little yellow stitches left. I’ll be finishing it up soon, then learning the de-framing process. Then in late September I start a new Japanese embroidery project!!!

I have also been taking a life drawing class! It’s a total blast and I’ve been making some really nice sketches of the models. I’m working mostly in black and grey markers, so the designs are a little stylized. I’m going to be turning some of them into embroidery. There are several that would be just gorgeous in Japanese embroidery. So the nudity content of this blog is going to go way up in the not too distant future 😉 I also found a gorgeous tree that I’d love to embroider, but I am still working on the design. Perhaps I’ll show it to y’all and we can talk ideas!





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13 Responses to Hanazume: Stamens Everywhere

  1. Julie says:

    This is just beautiful. I think the precision of those stamens makes it very lovely, actually. Can’t wait to see everything you make! You are just amazing! My daughter just started a life drawing class today, and we spent nearly 200 dollars on her supplies! Art ain’t cheap! Can’t wait to see your nudes! LOL.

  2. I think precision is one of the lovely things about Japanese embroidery – part of the style. I’m fascinated by the idea of taking that style and then using it for the embroidered equivalent of life drawing!

    • Hannah says:

      Plus there’s such a contrast between the spontaneity of drawing with markers (no erasing! ever! just go for it!) and the precision. It’s gonna be awesome!

  3. Marie-Claire says:

    Bravo j’adore la broderie elle est magnifique bonne journée Marie-Claire

  4. jules says:

    Youll have to let us know how you got so great!!

  5. Cath says:

    The effort for precision will be worth it when you see the final result 🙂

  6. tanvel says:

    Your patience,dedication and desire to achieve the best has paid off. Congratulations on you lovely,lovely work.

  7. Anita says:

    It’s gorgeous Hannah. Life drawing and Japanese embroidery sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see your work.

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