Vietnamese Embroidery in Houston


Y’all, I had an embroidery adventure! I was wandering around Houston and (completely by chance) found a tiny shop full of gorgeous Vietnamese hand embroideries and took this beauty home with me! It shows a Vietnamese wedding, and it’s completely gorgeous! (click to blow the photo up larger). And it’s HUGE! Here, I will show it to scale with my cat and my toes:


There are a lot more beautiful embroideries there, and I will have to go back to take photos to show y’all. Or you can go look in person – it’s Fine Art Frame at 5700 S Gessner Rd Houston, TX 77036, in the strip mall at the corner of Gessner Rd and Harwin Dr. There’s absolutely no website and it isn’t listed on Google Maps (I really did stumble on it randomly). Lee also does custom framing, and has been doing it for thirty years.  This is going to come in handy for my projects 🙂 OK! Now for photos of the details!

First are two of my favorites – these little kids are watching the wedding. See, they have all their fingers and their hair and faces are carefully worked.


Here is the groom! He rides a white horse and has a fancy saddle, hat, and outfit. In this picture you can see some sparkly gold threads on the horse. Those are actually scattered everywhere in the picture. The gold doesn’t show up in photos very well, but the entire thing sparkles a little because these stitches are all over the entire thing.


This is the bride! She gets to ride in a hammock. I don’t know what the blue thing is.


The groom gets a fancy parasol! Check it out, even the handle is decorated!


The bride gets a fancy parasol!


Everybody gets a fancy parasol!


Except that one guy who gets a fancy flag.


OK, I think that is long enough for one post. I will post another round of detailed photos on Wednesday!

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6 Responses to Vietnamese Embroidery in Houston

  1. tanvel says:

    Congratulations on this fabulous find. Wish they had a web site to look and be able to shop through it. Thanks for sharing. Love all your postings. Tanvel

  2. Gorgeous – isn’t serendipity wonderful!

  3. cynthia vann says:

    your work is lovely and I thank you for sending it to me

    Cynthia Vann

  4. Marie-Claire says:

    Beautiful embroidery i like it

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