Hanazume: Finished!


Here is my teacher explaining how to paste the back of a finished Japanese embroidery. It turns out you don’t just cut it off the frame – you paste the back and steam the whole thing. It’s complicated! And here is the front! I am very pleased. DSCF1776

In fact, I have now started a new Japanese embroidery project! Sneak peek below! It’s on a colored silk background.


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11 Responses to Hanazume: Finished!

  1. tanvel says:

    Your work is beautiful, congratulations. You are very talented.

  2. Gwenda says:

    Love your work-all!!!! Will you share what the paste is? Would love to know.

  3. Cath says:

    Well done – great finish! The new project looks interesting – is it a JEC design?

  4. Gorgeous – and the new one looks intriguing, too!

  5. Marie-Claire says:

    I love it hugs Marie-Claire

  6. nobumurakawa says:

    Wao!! Your designs are inspiring me to do something more in my embroidery designs.
    Beautiful work, thanks for sharing.

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