Art and Fabric


I had the great good fortune of spending the weekend at the Houston Quilt Festival (winners photos). Wow, that was amazing! And exhausting! (Check out the Studio Art Quilt Association! I don’t quilt, but wow! Amazing fiber artists) As you know, I want to start working on my own embroidery designs, partly in Japanese embroidery. So I stopped by the booth for Saber’s Japanese Textiles and Tours and picked up some beautiful silks.

DSCF1998   The white on the left has a beautiful water pattern and the red has some little houses. It’ll be interesting to work with those. The “yellow” fabric does not look quite so yellow in person. I will have to try again with better lighting. The green is also very beautiful.DSCF2002

Now for a few of the sketches I’ve done in figure drawing class! It is very hard to pick just one to start with. I will have to think about the fabric too, since I have options. Next step: get the chosen one scanned into the computer and turned into an outline so I can get it printed onto the fabric.DSCF1992

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4 Responses to Art and Fabric

  1. Looking forward to seeing this one grow!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good post. Very informative. Almost as good as Big Whale Learning posts.

  3. Isa says:

    Your post are really lovely.I look forward to seeing grow your japanese embridery project.
    Have a nice day,

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