Dragon Scales: Part 3


I finished the scales and spikes on the first segment! Plus I added some details, like the red around the snaggle tooth. This dragon only has one tooth – he stabs you once and then gums you to death.DSCF3103

There’s now an outline around the crystal ball.


And some red to make the antennas pop.


Here’s one more photo of the many many scales I stitched. One set down, two more sets to go! Maybe next time I’ll count scales before signing up for a project 😛


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3 Responses to Dragon Scales: Part 3

  1. I am not sure if the directions have you outline or if it was a choice you made. In my opinion, the color choices you chose are perfect. Each outlined area really stands out and is much more prominent. Your stitching is beautiful and your Dragon is truly looking magnificent!

  2. I just think it is stunning. Partly, I love the blue-green colours. I love drama, too. Thank you for posting this.

  3. He’s going very well indeed. He will look magnificent!

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