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The Big Green: Part 2

Today we have a guest post from Laura (my mother), with further progress on The Big Green. When last seen, The Big Green was mounted on a stretcher frame. Clearly the background appears stark and bare compared to the exuberance … Continue reading

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The Big Green: History of a Project

I’ve asked my mother (Laura) to do a series of guest posts about her embroidery. Today she presents some of the history of The Big Green and some work-in-progress photos. Follow up posts will show further progress on the work. … Continue reading

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More on the Sandy Starkman Jacket

So there were some questions in the comments about how the jacket was worked. I’m guessing it’s a form of needle-lace/needle-weaving, based on similarity to images in the Encyclopedia of Needlework, by Therese de Dillmont (it’s public domain, so it’s … Continue reading


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Needlelace Jacket

My mother is visiting me! She found this wonderful jacket in a thrift store for $7. It’s covered in couched cording and needlelace cutouts. The tag says it is Sandy Starkman, 100% silk, and made in India. Suddenly, I have … Continue reading

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Hand & Lock (Part 2)

I thought I’d mention here that Hand & Lock is opening a new branch in New York City, including a school of embroidery! And they are kicking it off with a big embroidery conference, “Embroidery in the New World” on … Continue reading

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Hand & Lock (Part 1)

My mother recently visited London, so I sent her on an investigative reporting assignment on embroidery! She signed up for a tour of Hand & Lock’s embroidery studio, which was absolutely fantastic. Here is her report: Introduction There are two … Continue reading

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This post is slightly off topic for an embroidery blog, but I found it interesting so y’all will be learning about tapestries today. My mother did an internship many years ago (full-time, for a total of a year and a … Continue reading

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Embroidered color wheel

Good morning, y’all! Today I have another post about color to round out the week. I have a special guest poster, my Expert Artist Consultant, who embroidered the color wheel below and wrote most of the post. The color wheel … Continue reading

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Brown Is A Color

Y’all, I’ve been reading essays on color theory and thinking about color in embroidery design. And I noticed that there’s a missing piece in nearly all the online discussions I could find. Such a big hole, in fact, that I … Continue reading

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Kyoto Adventure: Japanese embroidery

Tuesday there were lots of people talking about the Japanese Festival of Needles (on stitchin fingers). So I thought I’d write about my experience with Japanese embroidery when I visited Kyoto. A few blocks from where we were staying, there … Continue reading

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