The Big Green: Part 2

Today we have a guest post from Laura (my mother), with further progress on The Big Green.

When last seen, The Big Green was mounted on a stretcher frame. Clearly the background appears stark and bare compared to the exuberance of the crocheted flowers. Goal: Fill in the empty spaces. Intermix crochet and embroidery. Make the background as interesting as the foreground.

Something at the top might be nice – certainly the space under the pink flower cluster on the right is empty and needs filling, as well as the left side under the goldfinch. The big blue delphiniums are not as prominent as they might be. Solutions to these concerns follow.

Seed stitch and fern stitch in a variety of greens enliven the dark flat green of the supporting material. The red crocheted flowers have chain stitch stems and leaves of floss.

I filled the background around all the crocheted flowers with interesting textured embroidery stitches (colonial knots, French knots, cross stitch, detached chain) and small flowers (straight stitch, detached chain, buttonhole)…

I embroidered flowers and leaves using the same acrylic yarn that the flowers are crocheted from. The pink is buttonhole in the outer ring, chain and straight stitches surrounding a green center of French knots. The leaves are outlined in stem stitch and filled with seed stitch.

Enough for today. There is more to come.

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3 Responses to The Big Green: Part 2

  1. Julie says:

    Nice choices! So good to hear how it’s going!

  2. Rachel says:

    This will be such an exuberant piece, full of life and colour1

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