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Hanazume: Progress and Classmate

I haven’t had another class yet, but I decided to work the second plum flower on my own. I think I learned enough from working the first one in class. My teacher, Mary Alice, at Bluebonnet Studio, explained it fairly well. … Continue reading

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Water’s Edge: Bird Finish

I finished the bird! He is worked in one strand of thread. He’s pretty small, only 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) from the tip of the beak to the tail. Below is a closeup of his face so you can see … Continue reading

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Flower Circle Japanese embroidery

The adventure continues! I finished the plum flower and added pollen and stamens on top (stamen angles were all calculated precisely because that’s how they roll in Japanese embroidery). I made the second pine tree dark blue. It’s worked in … Continue reading

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Enrolled in Japanese Embroidery Classes

Hello everybody! Since my last post I got a new job and moved to Houston! And Houston is home to Mary Alice Sinton’s Bluebonnet Studio! I’ve signed up for some Japanese embroidery classes, and have started the Flower Circle design. … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Embroidery

I wanted to share some pop culture embroidery with y’all! Perhaps you’ve seen it already, but I wouldn’t want y’all to miss out. The hit TV show Game of Thrones has been working with the really talented embroidery costume designer … Continue reading

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Hilltop Farm: Signpost

And here I am starting work on a new area of the project, with bushes and a signpost. In the future I am going to do a lot more with yarns. These are a lot of fun.

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Hilltop Farm: Tree with Rock Wall

  I adore this little tree and rock wall.

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Hilltop Farm: Cloudy day

I have a long ways to go! This cloud yarn is amazing – super fluffy.  

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Hilltop Farm: A tree

The tree is in reddish variegated yarn, and it’s really going to stand out against the hillside.  

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Hilltop Farm: Ranch

It’s a farm house! And a barn full of hay! I’m already enjoying this, and I can’t wait to get to the wilder yarns in the pack.

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