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Hilltop Farm: New project

Folks, I have been absolutely dying to start this for ages. It is the Hilltop Farm kit from Rowandean (Americans can get kits from Amazon). It is huge and gorgeous and has an amazing variety of threads/yarns. I could resist … Continue reading

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Dr. Hannah

Y’all, I finished my PhD! So, I am working on some new posts and embroidery, and am very excited to be back!

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Be back in a few weeks

Sorry, folks, but school is keeping me very busy. I should be done soon, but unfortunately it looks like I won’t be posting regularly in May. As the Terminator says, I’ll be back.

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May Mouse: Maypole

Here is the maypole so far. It’s padded for a raised effect (I haven’t quite reached the top yet). I’ve gotta run – I’m visiting the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition this weekend and I have packing to do! See you later!

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May Mouse: Head

I’m working the mouse head from the back towards the nose, so that the stitches lie on top of each other like fur does. I use short little stitches because mice have short little hair. I used longer stitches for … Continue reading

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Some things never change

This is the woodblock “8pm” by Kunichika, created in Japan in about 1890, and it is an accurate picture of my life at the moment. Hello everybody! So, I do not quite have a PhD yet, but I worked some … Continue reading

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Be back soon!

Hey y’all, Just wanted to let everyone know that I will definitely be back in a couple of months. My PhD dissertation is due in November, so I have absolutely no time to write anything else (or do embroidery) at … Continue reading

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Water’s Edge: Progress Report

I’ve been stitching away daily. I only take small breaks for embroidery but they add up! OK folks, it’s back to work now. See you later!

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Hand Dyed Silks

Y’all, I received a lovely, lovely present from Marta Brysha! When I am stressed about my dissertation I go look at these. She dyed these silks herself! Aren’t they gorgeous? You know what else is gorgeous? Her artwork!!! She dyes … Continue reading

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Please Share My Stuff

Folks, in light of recent concerns running around the internet about Pinterest, I thought I’d clarify that YES, you may share my images on Pinterest. I have added a sharing button for it. Please make sure you link back to … Continue reading

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