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Hardanger Table Runner, 1910

I’ve been visiting my grandparents, so I have photos of more treasures to show you! My great-great-great-grandmother made this hardanger table runner in 1910. It’s a hundred years old! Here it is lying flat: I couldn’t get the camera to … Continue reading

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O Canada

I was thinking. My philosophy of embroidery is: I know how to doggie paddle so why not jump in the deep end? Sink or swim, y’all! If I get stuck then I desperately hope that Needle ‘n Thread can bail … Continue reading

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Drawn thread embroidery

Today I found you a (free!) beautiful 19 page tutorial on drawn thread work from the Heritage Shoppe. This shows you, in detail with many photos,  how to do the work in this picture. It’s a type of embroidery where … Continue reading

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This is a type of Norwegian embroidery, popular also in the northern midwest USA. It’s very geometric with lots of square eyelets and lacy fillings. Nordic Needle’s specialty is hardanger, and they provide an extensive overview of the topic, lots … Continue reading

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