Brazilian embroidery

This is fun stuff – shiny (rayon) threads and 3D flowers. I’ve linked all the pictures to the kits available online. Here’s an example I stitched (it’s about 4 inches total):

brazilian embroidery flowerssideways view of brazilian embroidery flowers

It’s a tiny kit from a site (JDR Brazilian Elegance) that specializes in Brazilian embroidery. The Sunshine’s Treasures range,  will get you everything (needles, threads, fabric, instructions, frame) for $11. Yes, the diagrams and instructions are very clear and if you are still worried you can get their learning kits, which are beautiful themselves. Here’s an example (their picture, I haven’t stitched it):

Japanese violets learning kit in Brazilian embroidery

They have hundreds of other designs and kits, all in Brazilian embroidery.  A few quick examples (since I love looking at them): A rose, a buttercup,

Rose in Brazilian embroiderybuttercup bouquet in brazilian embroidery

and sweet peas:

Sweet peas in Brazilian embroidery

EdMar Co also has Brazilian embroidery patterns. (

There are some free designs available at another site, Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild (my favorite is the Minuet), although the directions aren’t as clear for a beginner.

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2 Responses to Brazilian embroidery

  1. You have beautiful designs and I agree with everything you’ve written about rayon threads and Brazilian dimensional embroidery. It is so much fun to work with, and we are finding more designs to stitch each year. Thank you for posting my sweet peas design, “Delicate Pleasures”. The BDEIG website will soon be sharing another entire set of class pictures for our June 2011 Seminar in Portland, Oregon!

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